Mandarin – Students’ Profiles

To be a COMMUNICATOR, it is essential to know how to tell others about own personal information in various languages. As seen below, Grade 4 students have learned to do so in Mandarin.


Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves (Visual Arts and ICT) – SketchBook App on iPad

Throughout current Unit of Inquiry (with its transdisciplinary theme “How We Organize Ourselves”), Grade 4 students will explore elements of Visual Arts digitally (in collaboration with ICT) to deepen their understanding of two key concepts – Function and Connection.

Students will learn how to design formal wear using SketchBook App on Ipad. In the process, they will learn some techniques (including tracing and connecting lines) as well as selecting designs (including colours). As they learn these techniques and develop their creativity, they will have to take into consideration function of formal wardrobe.


Mandarin – Stationery Items (September-October 2016)


In September – October 2016, Grade 4 students will learn about some stationery items (including “eraser”, “pencil” and “sharpener”).

They will do the following activities:

  • writing names of some stationery items (hanzi and pin yin) ;
  • reading names of some stationery items;
  • listening and talking about stationery items;
  • describing own stationery items; and
  • making a booklet by drawing these stationery items and write their names (han zi and pin yin). 

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are – How Blood Circulates through The Heart and Lungs

What a fun way to learn about circulatory system!  Grade 4 students showed their understanding of how blood circulates through the heart and lungs and to all parts of human body by walking on this huge “circulatory system mat”. They started of pretending to be in blood vessels transporting deoxygenated blood (by wearing their blue T-shirts) and then, after entering the lungs, they transported oxygenated blood (by wearing their red T-shirts). Great job, kiddos!


Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are – Role Play about Diseases (Digestive Systems)

To enhance the understanding of human digestive system, Grade 4 students made a short drama about diseases which are caused by problems in organs within the digestive system. In groups of four, they read a text describing a type of disease. Then, they prepared a short drama to describe the disease for other students (the audience) to guess. They had to describe the causes, symptoms, methods of treatments and prevention of the disease. They enjoyed participating in the drama and obtained a lot of new information about diseases.