4 Celebes as Flag Raising Ceremony Officers

On Monday, October 24th 2016, grade 4 Celebes students were being the Flag Raising Officers. Even though this is their first time ever doing it, they managed to lead the ceremony gracefully. Here are some of the Pictures taken.


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Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves – Excursion to Bekasi City’s Mayor’s Office

Last Thursday 20th October 2016, grade four students were having  an excursion to Bekasi City’s Mayor’s Office.

This excursion is the implementation from Unit II ‘HOW WE ORGANIZE OUR SELVES ‘ which learns about GOVERNMENT SYSTEM. It is expected that the students will have the proper understanding about  : what a government is ,structures of government (mayor stage), how a mayor was chosen, responsibilities of mayor, rights and responsibilities of Bekasi’s residences. 

The mayor unexpectedly asked students and teachers to go to  the unopened Chandrabaga Stadium with the Mayor’s Office coach . It was just opposite the Mayor’s Office , huge , colorful  and awesome. Most  of the students tried the running track for a round and end up exhausted but happy.

Literacy Month – Reading Tent Buddies

Just after the First Term break, on Monday, 17th October 2016, Grade 4 students got to meet Lower Primary students in an activity organized for the Literacy Month – Reading Tent Buddies.

They changed into their pajamas for this two-period reading session.

The activity began with all students sitting in pairs (a Grade 4 student with one of the Lower Primary student), then they briefly explained parts of the books – the authors, illustrators, some of the characters and parts of the stories which they found most interesting. One of Grade 4 students had brought an all-time favourite story book so she asked her “reading buddy” to ask Yes-No questions about the book and finally guessed what the title of the book was.

Afterwards, all students sat for a story-telling session by Mr. Robert Davis. He read “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s Child” which were written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.




Then, they had another session with their “reading buddies” for each to read the book to his or her buddy. Some Grade 4 students also taught their “reading buddies” how to read some unfamiliar words.

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Flag Raising Ceremony Officers

On three Mondays in October 2016, Grade 4 students had and will have their first experience as the school’s Flag Raising Ceremony Officers.

It started off on Monday, October 3, 2016 as Grade 4 Borneo students became the ceremony officers. For 6 (six) periods on the previous week, they had practised with constant guidance from Ibu Nelda and Ibu Tenri, together with their Homeroom Teachers. Some of the students also practised at home with the help from their parents. It all paid off when Grade 4 Borneo students successfully did all their parts which made them proud. They also mentioned that they wanted to become officers in the future and they would like to improve their performance.