Unit of Inquiry – How We Express Ourselves – Preparation for Grade 4 Learning Celebration

As Grade 4 students are fast approaching their Learning Celebration (as well as this Unit of Inquiry Summative Assessment), they have spent the last two weeks’ Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons preparing their best to produce a drama which will convey messages to a specific audience – their parents, teachers and other members of the school community.

Every student participates actively through different roles. The “Character Team” practises to act on the stage.  The “Properties Team” designs and makes all properties needed for the drama.  The “Costume Team” designs and prepares all costumes for the characters. The “Music and Set Design Team” practises playing music and designs the scenery to help create “the atmosphere” and “the world” of the play.  Last but not least, the “Documentation Team” records highlights of the preparation process and will do as such during the actual performance. The following are some of their snapshots:

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Creating a video using green screen effect

Related to our current UOI, in ICT lesson grade 4 students create  videos with i-pad using i-movie app.  This time, not only they record a video, but also they use green screen as the background so they can edit it in macbook afterward.


Religious Camp 2016

On November 4th-5th, 2016, Sekolah Victory Plus held a Religious Camp for all grade 4-6 (Moslem, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist). The aims of this event are to learn more about our own religion and to understand the beauty of differences by being open-minded and caring with other students with different religions, race and backgrounds. We learn that unity is not uniformity. It is not making everything exactly the same, but it is to unite everyone with different religions, gender, race and background to work together to achieve Victory. Therefore, this year’s theme is Unity for Victory. Let’s support our students by being a good example in making Unity for Victory into action.


How We Express Ourselves

Central idea: Plays and dramas can be created to convey messages to target specific audiences.

Concepts: Form, Function, Reflection

Related Concepts: cultural differences, value, belief, performing arts

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Different plays and dramas
  • Messages conveyed through plays and dramas
  • Roles in performing a play and a drama

Summative assessment:

Students are going to produce a drama that has messages to be conveyed to specific audience through different roles