Mathematics January-February 2017

In this unit of inquiry, grade 4 will learn:


Factors and Multiples

  1. Determine factors of a number
  2. Common factors and Greatest Common Factor(GCD)
  3. Solve problems related to Greatest Common Factor(GCD)
  4. Prime numbers
  5. Multiple of a number
  6. Common multiples and Least Common Multiple(LCM)
  7. Solve problems related to Least Common Multiple(LCM)



  1. Compare and order proper fractions
  2. Model improper fractions
  3. Express an improper fraction as mixed number, and vice versa
  4. Expressing an improper fraction or mixed number in its simplest form
  5. Perform addition and subtraction of mixed numbers (related fraction)
  6. Solve problems involving fractions

Decimals (up to one hundreth)

  1. Write a number between two consecutive whole numbers using decimal notation.
  2. Identify the place values and number values of the digits in a decimal number
  3. Place decimal numbers in number line
  4. Compare and order decimal numbers
  5. Addition and subtraction of decimal numbers
  6. Perform multiplication of decimal numbers by 1-digit whole number
  7. Perform division of decimal numbers by 1-digit whole number
  8. Solving problems involving decimals

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