Grade 4 picnic day

To celebrate our hard work and share happiness, grade 4 students organized a picnic day.  Every body brought some food or drinks to share with others. We sang songs, played games, and shared stories.  We made a great memory to be remembered in the future.


Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet – Expert Visit

Last Monday,  15th May 2017, Ibu Savira Dwinanda, Public Relation of PT. Pertamina become a speaker in Grade 4 Unit of Inquiry Expert Visit. She came with some of her colleagues whom supported her in the presentation and discussion.

The event was held for Grade 4 students to acquire more knowledge about one of the most significant non-renewable natural resources – oil. It should be noted that Ibu Savira Dwinanda’s visit to Sekolah Victory Plus has been made possible with full support from Ibu Early Hapsari, Sekolah Victory Plus’ PYP Coordinator.

During her one-hour-and-thirty-minute visit, Ibu Savira Dwinanda made a brief explanation about oil industry in general. Afterwards, she explained and answered questions from students about the upstream activities in the oil industry, which include the Exploration and Production activities. There were a lot technical terms introduced which Grade 4 students actively noted down on their Unit of Inquiry notebooks.

The visit has been a great complementary to Grade 4’s excursion to Museum Geology, Bandung, since Grade 4 students could develop more profound understanding about the challenges of finding oil, despite its great importance to human lives.


Learning about Natural Resources at Museum Geologi

To support Learning Experiences about Natural Resources, Grade 4 Students went to Bandung to answer several questions related to Natural Resources such as : What are natural resources? What are the types of natural resources? How was the crude oil formed? How was the fossils formed? They were very curious and enthusiastic to learn everything related to natural resources at Museum Geologi.

Menulis Surat Tidak Resmi

Minggu ini , Selasa 03 April 2017  sampai dengan Jumat 05 April 2017 , Kelas 4 SD Sekolah Victory Plus mempelajari tentang Menulis Surat di mata pelajaran Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia .

Sebelumnya , para murid diperkenalkan pada apa yang dimaksud dengan surat . Kemudian mereka mengklasifikasikan  surat yang dibagi menjadi 3 (tiga) jenis  yaitu Surat Resmi , Surat Pribadi / Surat Tidak Resmi dan Surat Memo . Selain membuat kerangka karangan untuk surat – surat tersebut , mereka juga mempraktekkan pembuatan Surat Memo . Sebagai tugas  ( Formative Assessment ) para murid membuat surat tidak resmi kepada teman sebaya mereka dengan tema pengalaman liburan terakhir kali atau tentang cita – cita mereka .


School Production 2016-2017 “Courageous Me”

Sekolah Victory Plus conducted School Production on Friday 28-4-2017 and Saturday 29-4-2017. It involved all students (grade 1 – grade 5), teachers and staffs. The theme of this School Production is “Courageous Me”. It tells about a princes who needs to go out from the kingdom and find 3 special people. Grade 4 students joined in this production as dancers, characters, choir and musician. They showed their ability in acting, dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. They showed cooperation and great team work during practicing and performing. It was a great show. 

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