UOI 5 Learning Celebration – Discovery Museum

As a celebration of their learning journey in this unit of inquiry (Where we are in place and time), grade 4 students presented themselves as statues of world explorer.  In the discovery museum, they showed their display as a visual organizer to explain about the explorer.  When a guest came to visit their booth, the guest must pull out a flag then the statue would become alive and started speaking to explain about themselves.  They explained about the year of exploration, the career’s life, the reasons for exploration, the route of exploration, and the consequences of the exploration.  All students did their best in presenting themselves.  They presented themselves confidently and enthusiastically.  It was a marvelous experience, children!


Religious Camp 2016

On November 4th-5th, 2016, Sekolah Victory Plus held a Religious Camp for all grade 4-6 (Moslem, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist). The aims of this event are to learn more about our own religion and to understand the beauty of differences by being open-minded and caring with other students with different religions, race and backgrounds. We learn that unity is not uniformity. It is not making everything exactly the same, but it is to unite everyone with different religions, gender, race and background to work together to achieve Victory. Therefore, this year’s theme is Unity for Victory. Let’s support our students by being a good example in making Unity for Victory into action.