Maths – Addition and Subtraction Problems.

In the last week of August, grade 4 students learnt about addition and subtraction problems. This time , the students were introduced to use number bond model and bar model to help them solve addition and subtraction problem both without and with regrouping.


Classify Human Body Organs

Students learn about how body system works. In the beginning, students were asking by teacher to predict what inside human body. From that activity, students were able to mention the organs of human body. As continuation of the previous activity, students tried to recognize main organs of human body. They discussed the main organs by using the case of Nick Vujicic. After that, students arranged some main organs picture and classified it to four main systems: respiratory, skeletal, circulatory and digestive systems. As conclusion, they wrote their understanding related to organs in each system in form of lotus diagram.

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Predicting how the inside of human body looks like

As tuning in activities, grade 4 students brainstorm what organs are inside the human body.  They discuss the organs names and predict the position of the organs inside the body.  After that, they trace one of their friends bodies as a model and draw human organs on the body picture.  From this activity, they learn the names of human organs and what system they belong to.



Bagan pembuatan poster tentang GLOBALISASI

Minggu ini , Senin 5 Juni hingga Jumat 9 Juni 2017 , kelas 4 akan menyelesaikan seluruh materi Bahasa Dan Sastra Indonesia dengan topik terakhir GLOBALISASI . Dalam topik ini , dipelajari definisi dari globalisasi , bidang – bidang apa saja yang terkena pengaruh atau dampak dari globalisasi beserta contoh konkritnya . Murid – murid diperkenalkan dengan istilah ekspor dan impor . Juga diilustrasikan dampak dari globalisasi baik yang positif maupun yang negatif .

Setelah mengerjakan formative assessment , maka tugas terakhir adalah membuat poster tentang globalisasi yang akan menjadi portfolio . Dalam prosesnya , meskipun sudah diberikan bagan pembuatannya dan mencatat di communication book benda- benda apa saja yang harus dibawa untuk melengkapi poster tersebut , masih saja beberapa murid tidak membawanya .

Dari poster yang sudah dibuat , akan dipilih masing – masing 3 poster terbaik dengan kriteria desain yang menarik dan kreatif dan isi yang menjawab pertanyaan diminta ( lihat bagan )

Resolving conflict over resources

In this week, grade 4 students learned about conflict over resources. They identified the things might be happen because of human have a lot of resources and lack of resources. They analyzed the conflict might happen because of those 2 factors. After that, students showed their understanding in form of Mind map. They also analyzed proper solution to solve the conflict.

Grade 4 picnic day

To celebrate our hard work and share happiness, grade 4 students organized a picnic day.  Every body brought some food or drinks to share with others. We sang songs, played games, and shared stories.  We made a great memory to be remembered in the future.

Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet – Expert Visit

Last Monday,  15th May 2017, Ibu Savira Dwinanda, Public Relation of PT. Pertamina become a speaker in Grade 4 Unit of Inquiry Expert Visit. She came with some of her colleagues whom supported her in the presentation and discussion.

The event was held for Grade 4 students to acquire more knowledge about one of the most significant non-renewable natural resources – oil. It should be noted that Ibu Savira Dwinanda’s visit to Sekolah Victory Plus has been made possible with full support from Ibu Early Hapsari, Sekolah Victory Plus’ PYP Coordinator.

During her one-hour-and-thirty-minute visit, Ibu Savira Dwinanda made a brief explanation about oil industry in general. Afterwards, she explained and answered questions from students about the upstream activities in the oil industry, which include the Exploration and Production activities. There were a lot technical terms introduced which Grade 4 students actively noted down on their Unit of Inquiry notebooks.

The visit has been a great complementary to Grade 4’s excursion to Museum Geology, Bandung, since Grade 4 students could develop more profound understanding about the challenges of finding oil, despite its great importance to human lives.