UOI 5 Learning Celebration – Discovery Museum

As a celebration of their learning journey in this unit of inquiry (Where we are in place and time), grade 4 students presented themselves as statues of world explorer.  In the discovery museum, they showed their display as a visual organizer to explain about the explorer.  When a guest came to visit their booth, the guest must pull out a flag then the statue would become alive and started speaking to explain about themselves.  They explained about the year of exploration, the career’s life, the reasons for exploration, the route of exploration, and the consequences of the exploration.  All students did their best in presenting themselves.  They presented themselves confidently and enthusiastically.  It was a marvelous experience, children!

Grade 4 Student-Led Conferences

The day had finally come for Grade 4 Students to share what they have learned in Student-Led Conferences. The conferences were held simultaneously in all Grade 4 classes and two common areas near the classes.  For some students and parents, these were their first Student-Led Conferences; however these students made effort to be confident in leading the conferences.

There were centres for students to demonstrate their understanding namely Unit of Inquiry Centre, Language (English, Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (BSI) and Mandarin) Centres, Mathematics Centre, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre and Religion Centre. There were activities set up to be done by students (and parents).

Students also had some time to show their portfolios in which they could discuss their strengths and areas of improvement in their learning.

Afterwards, students might ask their parents to go to Art classes (Visual Art and Performing Art (Music)) and to Amarta Hall / tennis court (depending on the weather) to demonstrate their understanding and skills in Art and Physical Education.

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Visual Arts (March – April 2017)

To support the related concept of Exploration, students are going to explore their creativity in making board game.

Students are divided into 4 groups on each class where they are going to share their ideas (research skill), make plan together (communication skill),  and work in hand to create their own playable board game together (self management skill).


They also need to make sure all the pieces for the game to be ale to play for real, then they need to plan about the concept, the rules, the instructions, the players pieces, dice and cards. Therefore in a group, all of them will work according to their jo descriptions base on their own agreement.