Unit of Inquiry (August – September 2017)

Trans-theme: Who We Are

Central Idea: Effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health.

Key Concepts: Function, Change, Connection

Related Concepts: Body System, Independence, Health

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. How body systems work
  2. How body systems are interdependent
  3. Enhancing lifestyle for health

Characters: Responsibility, Active

Learner Profiles: Thinker, Knowledgeable, Balanced

Attitudes: Commitment, Curiosity, Independence

Trans-skills: Thinking skills, self management Skills

Enterprise Skills: Analysing information, responsibility, resourcefulness

Students are able to:

  •    describe how body systems work
  •    describe how body system are interdependent
  •    explain the impact of lifestyle choices on the body

Applied skills:

  •    To make and test predictions
  •    To consider scientific models and applications of these models (including their limitations)
  •    To use a variety of instruments and tools to measure data accurately
  •    To interpret and evaluate data gathered in order to draw conclusions

Welcome to Grade 4 2017-2018


Grade 4 Teachers, year 2017-2018


Pak Anton, Ibu Wahyu, Ibu Dian, Ibu Tiwi, Pak Hartoko, Ibu Audrey, Ibu Glory, Angel Lao Shi

Welcome back to school! Welcome to the new school year 2017-2018 in Sekolah Victory Plus. We feel so excited to see the new batch of Grade 4.

This school year is going to be awesome with the “Entrepreneur Me” as our school highlight. Students have great expectation to this. We believe that they will be more courageous and responsible a year ahead. They will work more confidently  in teamwork as well as individual.

We are also very welcome to work hand in hand with parents as our educational partners to facilitate and motivate our students so that they are able to enjoy the learning, moreover, challenge themselves to grow better each day.



Grade 4 Teachers

English “Who we are” (Aug –Sept 2017)

Central idea – Effective interactions between human body systems contribute to health

In English, we will be supporting the HRT’s with the UOI. We will be following the line of inquiry that deals with the impact our life style choices have on our body. We will focus on healthy eating and exercise. At the end of the first unit of study, our students will all do our first “BIG WRITE”. The “BIG WRITE” will be a piece of descriptive writing about healthy foods they have tasted during the unit. We will also focus on developing speaking and listening skills, reading skills and writing skills that will enable us to be successful with the end of unit assessment.

Mandarin ( August – Sept 2017 )

大家好!!! 欢迎你们回来到学校. ( August – Sept )

Hallo everyone, welcome back to the school ….

Grade 4 students will learn vocabulary related to the learning activities (including “attending class”, “subjects” and others) through the following activities:

  • writing han zi and pin yin and meaning of these words;
  • reading these words;
  • listening and talking about some learning activities; and
  • describing own learning activities.



Bagan pembuatan poster tentang GLOBALISASI

Minggu ini , Senin 5 Juni hingga Jumat 9 Juni 2017 , kelas 4 akan menyelesaikan seluruh materi Bahasa Dan Sastra Indonesia dengan topik terakhir GLOBALISASI . Dalam topik ini , dipelajari definisi dari globalisasi , bidang – bidang apa saja yang terkena pengaruh atau dampak dari globalisasi beserta contoh konkritnya . Murid – murid diperkenalkan dengan istilah ekspor dan impor . Juga diilustrasikan dampak dari globalisasi baik yang positif maupun yang negatif .

Setelah mengerjakan formative assessment , maka tugas terakhir adalah membuat poster tentang globalisasi yang akan menjadi portfolio . Dalam prosesnya , meskipun sudah diberikan bagan pembuatannya dan mencatat di communication book benda- benda apa saja yang harus dibawa untuk melengkapi poster tersebut , masih saja beberapa murid tidak membawanya .

Dari poster yang sudah dibuat , akan dipilih masing – masing 3 poster terbaik dengan kriteria desain yang menarik dan kreatif dan isi yang menjawab pertanyaan diminta ( lihat bagan )

Resolving conflict over resources

In this week, grade 4 students learned about conflict over resources. They identified the things might be happen because of human have a lot of resources and lack of resources. They analyzed the conflict might happen because of those 2 factors. After that, students showed their understanding in form of Mind map. They also analyzed proper solution to solve the conflict.