Dear all students and parents,

We are truly excited to welcome each one of you to our new school year, the 2016-2017 academic year in Grade 4.  This year we could expect a lot of more challenging, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences.  This blog is especially made for you to see these activities weekly.  Let’s look forward for a cooperative and inspiring year ahead of us.

This year’s grade 4 teachers are:

Ibu Karen and Ibu Felicia (Grade 4 Borneo Homeroom Teachers)

Ibu Deedee and Ibu Felicia (Grade 4 Andalas Homeroom Teachers)

Bapak Carli and Ibu Tiwi (Grade 4 Celebes Homeroom Teachers)

Ibu Mariskha (PE Teacher)

Angel Laoshi (Mandarin Teacher)

Bapak Anton (Music Teacher)

Ibu Tenri (Visual Arts Teacher)

Ibu Yani (ICT Integration Teacher)